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The Ultimate Stealth Grow Cabinets & Boxes for Apartments, Rental & Public Housing...

 Welcome to STEALTHGROWCABINETS.COM - your indoor, online, stealth grow cabinets emporium.  We offer high-quality furniture items that are designed to look like dressers, chests and end tables.  We have four (4) basic designs to choose from that offer interior space for you to grow the plants that common sense, your genetic preferences and the space limitations (posed by the size of our pieces) provide.

Our flagship product is The Presidio, a 4'-0" wide by 2'-0" deep by 3'-0" high dresser that has two (2) separate grow areas, a built-in extraction fan and air filtration unit, almost 4 square feet of bloom chamber space having 35" of headspace (and approximately 29" of net headspace).  The bloom chamber offers more than 70 watts per square foot (SF) of indoor sunshine in the form of six (6) high-output 42 watt CFLs.  This is a true work of art with loads of options.  Click here to learn more about The Presidio.

Destined to be the apartment-dwellers growing dream, The Del Monaco is perfectly sized for your home; at 3'-0" wide by 1'-9" deep by 2'-10" high, this unit looks like a high-end low-boy chest of drawers and includes a built-in extraction fan and air filtration unit.  The bloom chamber is almost as big as The Presidio unit, but with a reduced headspace of 27" of net grow space.  This is the ultimate in value, style, stealth and production.  Click here to learn more about The Del Monaco.

Our value leader is the single-chamber Carnahan Estate end table unit is a 1'-8" wide by 2'-0" deep by 2'-0" high end table with an attached lamp on top.  The Carnahan Estate has the same high-end features as all of our other units, including the flip-up top and fold-down front for easy access.  The Carnahan Estate is for small apartments and bedrooms where space is at a premium, but functionality is an absolute must.  Click here to learn more about the Carnahan Estate.

The newest addition to our product is The Magnum Opus, a 3'-6" wide by 1'-9" deep by 5'-0" high highboy dresser that also has two (2) separate grow areas, a built-in extraction fan and air filtration unit, bloom chamber and mom/vegging chamber.  The Magnum Opus is designed for indoor growers who are seeking to use hydroponics programs for the bloom operation and/or use HID lighting systems for their blooming & fruiting stage.  Click here to learn more about The Magnum Opus.

Take the time to learn what I can do for your growing dreams.  Choices of woods, finishes and other custom features that give you the ability to personalize your new cabinet.  The standard features will make your jaw drop and demonstrate real value I have contrived for your hard-earned investment.

Let me build you something to dream about.

Special Offers

Currently, we are offering free ground shipping by common carrier within the continental United States.  If you are in Canada, we will pay half the shipping bill.

Keep It Legal, Please...

We offer a legal product to be used for all legal growing purposes.  You make sure you do what you are going to do in a legal way.  We assume no liability for any particular use and this is not a warranty or guarantee of any kind as to fitness and/or merchantability of any express purpose.  Compliance with all local, county, state and federal codes is your responsibility.

Don't Get Zapped!

Comply with all electrical codes and have an electrician connect all your wiring.  These products are not U.L. tested nor approved for any particular purpose.  We disclaim any responsibility for direct and/or indirect damages, costs or injuries resulting from use of these products for any purpose.

Satisfaction Guarantee on Your Investment...

We stand behind the products we sell.  With the exception of custom orders, all products carry a 90-day money back guarantee.  If you don't like the product we don't like the idea of having your business.  If we can't make you happy, then we will refund your money (less shipping costs).  All returns must be in original condition.

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